Your biggest adversary is not the opponent across the chess board. And the idea of a diverse, inclusive family didn’t originate with a sitcom. In this teaching series, Skip Heitzig leverages some of the most popular shows to illuminate spiritual truths. Find out God’s plan to give you the power to break bad habits, reward you with an everlasting crown, out-strategize your fiercest enemy, and more.

Skip Heitzig
Author, Bible Teacher


Breaking Bad

Destroying the Bad Habits in Your Life

Your own bad habits may or may not be as dramatic as those on television, but rest assured—everyone struggles with one or more. In this message, Skip Heitzig shares that God has given us power over bad habits.


Not Throwin’ Away My Shot

In the face of challenges, Alexander Hamilton repeatedly declares, “I am not throwin’ away my shot!” Pastor Skip encourages fathers to apply that refrain to the high calling of fatherhood.

The Good Place

Your Forever Home

Television storytellers often use an imagined afterlife as a vehicle for drama and comedy. In this message, Skip Heitzig reveals that one of our experiences in heaven will include extravagant rejoicing over the lost who have been found.

The Crown

The Royal Reward

Throughout history, the British crown has been inherited, rejected, beloved, and disdained. Even so, it is a temporary thing. Pastor Skip explains that “an imperishable crown” awaits believers who set aside selfish interests.

Stranger Things

The Upside-Down Kingdom

With its 1980s nostalgia and addictive suspense, Stranger Things captured our imaginations and introduced us to the Upside Down. Jesus described a different kind of upside-down kingdom His people will inherit.

The Queen’s Gambit

Out-Strategize Your Adversary

Interest in chess has skyrocketed fueled by the cultural phenomenon that is The Queen’s Gambit. Pastor Skip describes the need to cultivate a sober strategy against our greatest adversary, the Devil.

The Last Dance

How to End Well

The last season for the Chicago Bulls 1990s dynasty saw Michael Jordan earn his fifth and final NBA MVP Award. Talk about ending well. In this message, Pastor Skip shares one of Scripture’s best examples of a triumphant end.

Modern Family

The Blended Family of Christ

Three diverse families are humorously portrayed in the brilliantly relatable Modern Family. Skip Heitzig explains that a diverse but united blended family is exactly what the Lord always intended for His followers.

The Chosen

The Chosen: What Men Rejected, God Selected

Spiritual truths are inherent in The Chosen, the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus. In this message, Pastor Skip explains that although Jesus was rejected by men to the point of crucifixion, He was chosen by God as the once-for-all sacrifice for our sins. Jesus’ followers have also been chosen by God, first to salvation and then to a life of service to Him.